This class is designed to push your workouts to the next level. You will work in short intervals that will challenge you physically and mentally. The goal of each interval is to work at maximum effort followed by a brief recovery.

The benefits of HIIT training are that it improves overall cardiovascular health, improves endurance, and is known to boost your mood. Your body burns calories for up to two hours after a HIIT Workout.

If you are ready to be challenged and see results, then BIM HIIT has a spot ready for you.

Best of all, these classes will be offered mornings and evenings. Try early in the morning to skip the coffee and get a steaming cup of endorphins or if you prefer, join an evening class to release the stresses of the day!

Classes are co-ed. 
Modifications and options are available for all fitness levels.


Squad, ten-hut!!
This is a total body functional workout that focuses on all the major muscle groups. Bootcamp will incorporate cardio and strength training. 

You know the expression, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get?” Well, the variety offered in our bootcamps ensures that no two workouts are alike.

The benefits of functional training include improved movement patterns, improved movement efficiency and improved physique. You are guaranteed to be pushed and challenged like never before.

Let’s get in formation and get ready to be all you can be!

Classes are co-ed. 
Modifications and options are available for all fitness levels.

Cardio KIckboxing

You can kick the crap out of cardio in this class and have fun doing it.

This class delivers kicks, punches and blocks in choreographed combinations that will also give you a mental workout as you learn the moves.

But it also delivers more. You’ll spend the first 35-40 minutes with cardio kickboxing. Then you transition to a 10 minute resistance band workout that’s sure to test your glutes. And you finish it up with some ab-focused training.

So come and join us to get your black belt in fitness.

Classes are co-ed. 
Modifications and options are available for all fitness levels.

strength & sculpt

This class is all about Sculpting, Toning and Building Lean muscle! Incorporating free weights, body weight and resistance training is the best method to improve body composition.

The primary benefit of this class is that functional training boosts your everyday health. Additional benefits of strength training include burning more calories at rest, improved skeletal strength, and looking leaner.

You are stronger than you think!

Classes are co-ed. 
Modifications and options are available for all fitness levels.


In case you were wondering, R.I.P.P.E.D. stands for:
 – Resistance
 – Intervals
 – Power
 – Plyometrics (jumping or rebounding)
 – Endurance
 – Diet

Each class is its own mashup.

This workout uses athletic-based training that changes exercises every six to nine minutes from weights to cardio to kickboxing elements and core exercises. This requires your body to adapt to a constantly changing environment. You will burn fat and build muscle to get the ultimate results from your workout in a minimal amount of time.

You can learn more about the diet aspect from the RIPPED website.

Classes are co-ed. 
Modifications and options are available for all fitness levels.

Circuit training

This class is like personal training combined with group fitness.
The workout is based upon 10 rotating stations of different exercises, hence the name “circuit”.

You’ll experience a combination of strength and cardio exercises. You go through each station on a timed interval, but you choose whatever pace and intensity you are comfortable with during each routine.

You’ll not only get a great workout, but you’ll learn good exercise form as well

All our group classes are well supplied with dumbbells, kettlebells, steps, bands, ropes, mats and more.

Classes are co-ed. 
Modifications and options are available for all fitness levels.

stretching class

Anyone can benefit from a good stretching class, from power lifters to senior citizens and every combination in between! We’ve updated our stretching classes to give you more options. If you are pressed for time, you can still grab a great stretching class in 30 minutes. If you want the full stretch class experience you can go the full hour by taking them back-to-back. Here’s how our classes are structured:

Gentle Stretch & Balance

This class consists of 30 minutes of gentle stretching to open up in the major joints of the body and benefit postural health. This will help improve your flexibility, balance and overall mobility.

Renee will guide you to work within your range of motion and give you specific breathing techniques that can help you relax as you stretch. BIM will provide you with mats, straps, blocks and bolsters. You’ll use all these yoga props along with the wall to help your body stabilize, relax and lengthen.

Our yoga classes at BIM Fitness cover a full hour and are ideal for those just getting started. There’s no need to be intimidated, everyone performs at their own level of comfort and with the help of an expert instructor exercises can be modified to suit your abilities.

Dynamic Stretch

This class features 30 minutes of dynamic and deep stretching to really get into the soft tissues. It will help with both muscle recovery and flexibility.

Renee will help you learn to work gravity and your breathing to deepen each stretch. As with all our stretch classes BIM will provide you with all the yoga props you’ll need including mats, resistance bands, foam rollers and bolsters.

Classes are co-ed and open to all fitness levels.