it starts with strong equipment

Every piece of strength training equipment in our gym was carefully selected for its quality, functionality and ultimately for the fitness benefit it brings to our members.

Our strength training machines come in two main types, selectorized and plate loaded. Selectorized machines have the weights preloaded and labeled for you, all you have to do is place a pin at the amount of weight you “select”. Plate loaded means you take the weight or “plate” in whatever quantity you choose and load it yourself onto the machine. All our Insignia series machines from Life Fitness are selectorized while most of our Hammer Strength machines are plate loaded.

We invite you to further explore our equipment offerings below. For a full list of everything, check out our Photo Gallery.

Life fitness

The majority of our Life Fitness strength training machines are from the Insignia Series. Life Fitness combines a striking visual appeal with advanced biomechanics that provide a best in class feel. Features such as articulating seats, intelligent grips along with rep counters and timers are unique to this series

We feature a selection of machines that allow you to focus on upper body, lower body or core training.

Ultimately, at BIM Fitness we bring you premium equipment you won’t find in any other local gym in our area.

hammer strength

The Hammer Strength brand was born out of strength training in the NFL with the ultimate goal of matching machine motion to natural biomechanical motion while lifting weights.

In addition, many of our Hammer Strength machines are plated loaded and offer isometric lifting, meaning you can isolate and train each side independently while you lift.

For serious lifters and strength training , the Hammer Strength brand is unmatched.

upper body machines

Our combination of over 20 Life Fitness and Hammer Strength machines designed for upper body training give you selectorized and plate loaded choices.

And with Hammer Strength you have flexibility with isometric options and work on each side of your body independently if you wish.

Our selection of strength training machines gives you the opportunity to work on nearly every single muscle in your upper body if you so choose. Our only recommendation is don’t try and work them out all once!

lower body machines

If you enjoy a good workout on your legs, then you’ll enjoy a great workout at BIM Fitness.

Between Life Fitness and Hammer Strength, we have over a dozen different lower body machines. You can train your quads, your hammies or your calves across a variety of machines both selectorized and plate loaded.

No matter what your fitness or strength goals are, we have the lower body equipment you need.

core strengthening

Sit-ups have long been a source of core training even before core training was a thing. And if you still prefer to do sit-ups, we have benches that you can use to do just that. But if you prefer an approach with more variety, we offer at least three machines that are guaranteed to focus on your core without having to have someone hold your feet.

the insignia series from Life fitness

We’re proud to carry the top-of-the-line equipment from Life Fitness. These machines are not only distinctive for their stylish look, but also for their ease-of-use design to make them less intimidating for new users.
Here are some of their outstanding features

rep counter & Timer

Ever lose count of how many reps you’ve completed or tried to keep track of time between sets? No longer a problem with the counter and timer built into the Insignia Series.

intelligent grips

Years of research have led to these ergonomically designed handles that are narrower grips for pulling machines and wider for pushing to distribute the pressure more evenly.

articulating seats

Easy one-touch adjustment is the key. Simply lift the yellow handle and the seat will easily and smoothly raise or lower to whatever height setting is best for you.

Hammer Strength
driven by peformance

When we built our gym, we wanted to offer the best selection of equipment around that would welcome serious athletes and elite trainers as well as anyone that wanted to train like one. That’s why there was only one choice for our most heavy-duty equipment at BIM Fitness – Hammer Strength

built to a higher standard

Hammer Strength benefits from decades of research and development and provide simplified biomechanics for weightlifting while matching machine motion to human movement.

the most durable

Hammer Strength equipment is known for its world class durability. These machines are meant to withstand the most intense workouts and are tested to exceed industry standards.

trusted by elite athletes

Hammer Strength is the #1 brand for elite athletes and was born out of the NFL. The best part is, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to train like one at BIM Fitness.