run, climb, row or cycle

Whatever your preference, we’ve got the cardio equipment to keep you moving. You can choose from treadmills, two types of fitness cycles, two types of cross-fit training machines, rowers or stair climbers. Or if you are really adventurous, you can try them all. We have nearly 30 cardio machines at BIM fitness, all in excellent working order and all immaculately maintained.


Our treadmills are among the most popular equipment here at BIM Fitness. Members of all ages and all fitness levels enjoy the ease of use and workout flexibility they get from a treadmill.

That’s why we have 10 treadmills currently in our gym and more on the way.

We keep them spotlessly clean and well maintained.

We feature the Elevation Series treadmills by Life Fitness and just like the name implies, these treadmills can be set to incline to add difficulty to your workout.

Walkers and runners both benefit from the comfort provided by the FlexDeck Shock Absorption System, a running surface that reduces stress on the joints.

Upright exercise bicycles

We proudly feature the Elevation Series upright exercise bike from Life Fitness. This bike comes with an adjustable padded seat, wide pedals, and deluxe racing handlebars that give you the option of choosing your position based upon the intensity of your workout. Lean forward like a seasoned triathlete for maximum push or relax and stay vertical.

Each of our four upright bikes includes a programmable console that lets choose from a series of pre-programmed options or you create an exercise routine that best fits your needs.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just looking to keep your legs moving, hop on and start peddling to power them up and get going!

recumbent exercise bicylces

If sitting upright is hard on your back but you still want cycling as part of your exercise routine, then a recumbent bike is your best bet.

Our Integrity Series Lifecyle recumbent exercise bikes from Life Fitness are made for easy access while maintaining a sleek design. No stepping up like on an upright bike, you just step through for easy in and out.

Each bike seat features a back rest and lumbar support. Adjusting the seat is easy with wrap-around lever that lets you quickly push back or pull forward to whatever distance is ideal for you to comfortably slip into the pedals.

Life Fitness has built these using a generator drive system that uses a poly V-belt to allow for quiet operation and a smooth ride.

Just start pedaling and the console lights up. Choose from pre-programmed options or customize your workout with prompted inputs.

eliptical cross-trainers

Have you ever been on a noisy elliptical machine? Or worse one that makes grinding noises? You won’t find any of those here at BIM Fitness.

We proudly carry the Elevation Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer from Life Fitness. These machines have evolved to deliver quiet operation while making each stride feel smooth and comfortable, thanks to extensive biomechanics research from Life Fitness.

Ellipticals deliver a low-impact workout while also giving you the option of adding in more upper body exercise with moving handlebars that allow you to speed up the burning of calories.

The programmable consoles on our four ellipticals give you different resistance settings and terrain options so you set the workout intensity that’s just right for you.

arc trainers

So what’s an ARC Trainer? Well, it’s not what Noah used to practice on before his epic ship building mission. Arc trainers are similar to ellipticals in that they have handlebars and steps, but their motion is slightly different, traveling in an arc.

Once you combine to swing your arms and legs, you’ll be engaging your muscles in ways that mimic walking, running, gliding, striding and even climbing without the actual impact. If you need to be gentle on your joints then an Arc Trainer is the answer for you. It reduces stress on your knees while increasing glute and hamstring engagement.

BIM Fitness features two Total Body Arc Trainers from Life Fitness, which offer you 21 incline adjustments and up to 100 different resistance levels and with their well-researched design, you can burn up to 16% more calories than similar machines made by someone else. 

rowing machines

We feature the ideal rowing machines, the Row GX Water Rower from Life Fitness. As the name implies, it will be somewhat like rowing your own boat in the water, only without the boat and without getting wet.

This easy-to-use rower uses fluid resistance technology to deliver a natural feel. The seat track configuration also provides a smooth glide to complement your workout.

You can manually set varying resistance levels and the console allows you to set different views based upon your workout goals.

stair climbers

What’s the difference between a stair climber and a stair stepper? On a stair stepper your feet maintain contact with the step at all times, but on a climber, then entire step moves downward, like an escalator, so you have no choice but to actually lift your legs for the next step. 

There’s a song about a stairway to heaven, but intense workouts on a climber can sometimes feel more like a stairway to someplace more in the opposite direction. 

We proudly carry Powermill Climbers from Life Fitness. These climbers feature large stepping areas with an anti-toe pinch design to provide secure footing. Thankfully, they also come with handrails that run the length of the stairs as many fitness enthusiasts find themselves holding on tightly as the steps feel like they get taller as your workout progresses.

And while the stepping motion on them is smooth, the 26 different speed settings on our three Powermill climbers will test any individual.