pics of everything

If you don’t have the time or need to read up on our featured pieces of equipment at BIM Fitness, or if you just want to see all the equipment grouped together in one place, we’ve got your shortcut right here.
Check out our complete equipment photo gallery.

Lower Body

Equipment for every part of your legs and core for almost every type of workout.

upper body

Arms, shoulders, chest upper back equipment and more, selectorized and plate-loaded.

cardio & racks

Cardio machines, benches, racks and rigs along with cable jungles make up this mix.

all the rest

Bars, handles, free weights, mats, and more in this assortment of pics.

Lower body and Core/Torso Equipment gallery

upper body Equipment gallery

Cardio machines, Racks, rigs & Benches gallery 

free weights, accessories & More gallery