freedom to lift

Lifting free weights isn’t old school, it’s as popular as ever. At BIM Fitness we embrace freedom, especially the freedom to lift free weights. That’s why we have nearly 12,000 pounds of free weights in total between our weight plates and dumbbells. So come on in and feel free to lift whatever works best for you
and take advantage of the many different types of benches we have to use them on.


Conceptually, there’s nothing dumb about dumbbells, nor do they contain bells anymore, although they used to way back in the day. Learn more about the history of dumbbells and how they got their name .

We feature round rubber and urethane dumbbells from Hammer Strength ranging in weight from 5 pounds all the way up to 140 pounds. We also carry sets of rubber hexagonal dumbbells and several smaller weight sets of neoprene dumbbells going all way down to 2.5 pounds

We keep a lot of dumbbells available for the free weight enthusiasts at BIM Fitness, so we’ll be ready when you are. 


Barbells today come in an array of different lengths and shapes. Each is suited to the type of exercise you may be doing or the amount of weight you may be lifting.

There are Olympic barbells, made of heavy-duty steel with thicker ends and capable of handling heavier weights. There are ez-curl barbells named as such for making curling exercises easier on your wrists and elbows while maximizing building of your biceps. You can even have Olympic ez-curl barbells. Then there are hammer curl bars designed to work your biceps in slightly different ways. Longer barbells are typically used for exercises such as bench pressing, doing squats or military presses. 

And the truth is, there is no one size fits all for barbells so it’s important to be able to use a variety of them during your workout. The good news is at BIM Fitness, we’ve got every type of barbell you may need.


Remember back when everyone used to say, “more kettlebell, we need more kettlebell”. Okay, maybe not. But if you want a workout that combines both cardio and strength training in one, you definitely want more kettlebell in your life.

Not sure what a kettlebell is, let alone what to do with it? Learn more about kettlebells here .

We proudly feature kettlebells from Rogue Fitness because they are made in America from premium material, are cast in one solid piece, have a wide flat machined base, come with a matte black powder coat finish and have color coded handles to differentiate the weight amounts. 

Who knew there was so much to these cannonballs with handles?

Weight plates

All free weights used to all be made of iron back in the day. Weight plates were used for barbells and came with a center hole so they could be slid onto a bar. They were also round like plates were and hence the name “plates” stuck. Perhaps they could have chosen to name them wheels since wheels are round too and often have a center hole in them for an axle of some sort, but then weight wheels don’t rhyme or sound as cool as weight plates.

The real problem with older iron weight plates however was rust. Fast forward to today and weight plates are made of more durable materials like urethane, which is rust proof and scratch resistant, but guaranteed to be just as heavy when you lift.

We feature nearly 6,000 pounds of Hammer Strength weight plates at BIM Fitness. Our Olympic plates include 2-inch holes to accommodate the larger size Olympic barbells and are reinforced with stainless steel to make it easy to slide on and off. 

exercise balls

We keep a variety of exercise balls, primarily from Valor Fitness, available for our BIM members. Of these, the greatest number are slam balls which are under the family of medicine balls. Slam balls are weighted like medicine balls, but the primary difference is slam balls tend to weigh more and due to their thicker rubber surfaces won’t bounce.

Just because there’s no bounce, do not let this fool you into thinking there’s not much to a slam ball.

Working out with a slam ball can help you increase muscle power and is a versatile work tool.

regular & adjustable benches

Traditional benches are the workhorse of any free weight exercise regimen and our benches are no different.

And while most of our benches are easily movable, we’ve grouped them together in a way that makes sense for your workout. That’s why they are among the most commonly used equipment by BIM Fitness members.

We stick with only the best brand names for our benches such as Hammer Strength and Legend Fitness. Our variety of different types of benches can accommodate any type of workout. 

  • 2 Flat Benches from Hammer Strength
  • 2 Multi-Adjustable Hammer Strength Benches
  • 2 Legend Fitness Adjustable Benchesh
  • 1 Utility Bench – 75 Degree from Hammer Strength

olympic benches

Olympic style benches are different from just a plain old bench press setup you might find in someone’s garage. Olympic style is made for handling more weight using heavy-duty steel construction and reinforced framing.

In addition, the support cradles are built to handle the larger Olympic barbells, which again are made for accommodating more extreme weight loads.

You don’t have to be a serious athlete however, to enjoy our serious equipment.

We offer six Olympic style benches, all from Hammer Strength:

  • 2 Flat Benches
  • 2 Incline Benches
  • 1 Military Press Bench
  • 1 Decline Bench