For many people working out in the gym, getting bigger and stronger is often the goal. It’s no different for BIM Fitness.

We’re proud to announce our expansion project that’s beginning in 2022 and will complete in early 2023.  

We’ll be adding over 6,700 square feet to accommodate more equipment and space for spin class, cross-fit training and more.

Because It Matters Fitness will be the premier gym training and workout location in all of north central Florida.

You won’t find another independently owned gym for 100 miles that has more actual square footage dedicated to fitness

Floorplan for New Section
Better Spacing in the Existing Section

see the work in progress

groundbreaking begins Aug 2022

construction begins Sep 2022

construction Oct 2022

foundation pour Oct 2022

framing begins Oct 2022

second floor begins Nov 2022

second floor framed Nov 2022

second floor roofed Dec 2022

second floor balcony framing Jan 2023

More state-of-the-art equipment is coming

We’re adding space for fitness classes, but we’re also adding space for more equipment. And not just any equipment, we’re adding things you won’t find in any other gym in north central Florida.

Check out our list below of amazing new equipment coming to BIM Fitness soon.

our awesome new equipment list

Sure, fitness experts and athletes may know the names of machines like “pendulum squat” or “glute thruster” or “cable jungle”, but you don’t have to know them in order to benefit from using these machines in your workout.

  • Kneeling Leg Curl from Hammer Strength
  • Glute Thruster from Hammer Strength
  • ISO Lateral Pull Down from Hammer Strength
  • Pendulum Squat from Atlantis Strength
  • Glute/Hamstring Developer from Legend Fitness
  • Additional Cable Jungle from Life Fitness

H.I.I.T. stands for high intensity interval training. If you are serious workout enthusiast than we’ve got the equipment you’ll need. Our newest rack from Octagon Console has it all built in including XYZZZ.

Plus, we’re including a workout library so you can follow a virtual trainer onscreen with our wall-mounted TV monitors right alongside the Octagon. 

Racks and benches go with free weights in the same way lightning and thunder go together. You can’t really have one without the other.

  • Another Olympic flat bench from Hammer Strength
  • Another Olympic incline bench from Hammer Strength
  • Another rack from Legend Fitness
  • A 3-tier medicine ball rack

Cardio equipment offers something for everyone, regardless of your fitness level. And because our cardio equipment is so popular with members, we’re adding more of a good thing.

  • 5 Treadmills from True Fitness
  • 2 Fan Bikes from True Fitness
  • 2 Rowers from Octane
  • 1 Lateral Movement ARC Trainer from True Fitness

More free weights in various shapes and sizes

  • Another complete set of dumbbells from Hammer Strength ranging from 5lbs to 100lbs
  • Fixed barbells with EZ Curl grips from Hammer Strength ranging from 20 – 120lbs
  • 4 FULL SETS of rubber plates from Rogue ranging from 5 – 45lbs
  • 20 additional 45lb plates from Hammer Strength

New brands coming to BIM